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Kitchen of the Month Winner for Cabinet Refacing for July

Kitchen Transformation by Kitchen Solvers of Madison

Project Location:  Waunakee, WI 

Remodel type: Cabinet Refacing and New Cabinetry 

Type of door style: Catalina for upper cabinets; Shaker for lower cabinets 

Remodel style: Transitional 

Color: Polar White for upper cabinets; Red Oak with Nightfall combination stain for lower cabinets 

Countertop: Quartz 

Countertop color: Silestone Pietra  

For more information about this project, please visit Kitchen Solvers of Madison’s Blog.   

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Sustainable Living Seen Reshaping Housing Market

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — A trio of emerging trends in neighborhood design and sustainable living practices should continue to shape the market for new housing and residential remodeling as the “mindset of consumers continues to shift in a dynamic social climate,” according to a new report from the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI).

According to HIRI’s recently issued Future of Housing Trend Report, new and remodeled homes will likely be shaped by a growing homeowner passion regarding issues such as climate change, sustainability and minimalism, resulting “in an increased emergence of eco-friendly materials and 3D-printed technology to designs focused on cultural inspiration and reversible architecture.”

Among the key trends identified by HIRI researchers are the following:

n “Hyper-local neighborhoods”: Architects, developers and local governments are proposing neighborhoods centered on community building and local businesses. These spaces are intended to be car-free, with all necessities reachable via a short walk or bicycle ride.

n Flight from the cities: “As urban centers expand in size and population, consumers are recognizing that their quality of life is suffering — whether that be due to alienation, affordability issues, lengthy commutes or pollution,” HIRI said. As a result, many are moving away from city centers and turning to community-based neighborhoods, which provide a sense of belonging while also satisfying the need for convenience and cleaner air.

n Sustainable Housing: With sustainability as a top priority, architects and designers are embracing different eco-friendly concepts, among them “reversible design” (the architecture of structures that can be easily deconstructed, that can be reused or with parts that can be removed and added easily) and 3D-printed housing (homes that offer sustainable and protective construction that avoids structural issues in the case of extreme weather).

“Contemporary consumers are wary of the impending consequences of climate change, and a large number are becoming increasingly aware that simply shifting their lifestyle and practicing ecological mindfulness are likely not enough,” HIRI said. “As a result, many are demanding that brands and creators take the environment into consideration.

n Simplified Living: Building off of the desire for more sustainable living, the emergence of simple, more minimalist design emphasizes homeowners’ functions and needs.

“Contemporary consumers in fast-paced urban centers are looking to balance the demands of their daily lifestyle with a comfortable home environment,” HIRI said. “Many are prioritizing minimalist designs and additional spaces that can optimize and elevate their living situation without compromising aesthetic appeal.”

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How to Prep Kitchen Cabinets? 

If you have decided to get your kitchen remodeling project off the ground, you are probably wondering how to prep kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet remodeling can be cheap if you learn how to get them clean and ready for use. This will help cut your costs and make your renovation go more smoothly.

How to prep kitchen cabinets


First, determine what steps you need to take for cleaning your kitchen cabinets. Do you want to wipe them down and get rid of any dust? If so, you should be able to get a fairly good quality dishwasher cleaner for about $30 at your local supermarket. Follow the directions on the label carefully, and soak the dishes in the solution for the designated amount of time. Then rinse them off under warm water and let them dry in the air.


You may not want to spend all that money on getting your cabinets clean, but you still need to figure out how to prep kitchen cabinets? One of the first things you need to do is remove all the food from your cabinets. You can use a food dehydrator or a food processor to do this, but it is much easier to wash them out and throw them away. Food left in your cabinets will attract rodents and other pests, and the last thing you want is someone going into your kitchen to steal the food you have stored there. If you haven’t already cleaned them out, do so as soon as you can.


You will have to clean your cabinets, regardless of whether you’re preparing to paint, stain, or refinish them. Some people are inclined to coat their cabinets first and then stain or paint them. This is an option you can consider if you have already painted the room. However, for those who have not painted, this is the first step in learning how to prep kitchen cabinets? If you want to ensure that you get the most out of your cabinets, you should follow this suggestion.


When you’re learning how to prep kitchen cabinets? You will also want to clean out your back and sides, which contain coolers and other equipment. While it may seem more efficient to open up the drawers and allow air to flow through, this can actually cause damage. The more you close them, the more likely moisture will build up. This can actually cause your drawers to spring apart, causing a more messy situation than if you had opened them a bit.


So, how to prep kitchen cabinets? One option is to buy a can of compressed air and blast all the dirt out. This does work but is very expensive and time-consuming, so you may want to consider using the compressor’s suction. This method is easy to use and can completely remove the grit from the cabinets.


Another answer to the question of how to prep kitchen cabinets? If you have a vacuum cleaner with a fine-toothed tip, you can actually clean off the dust before closing them. If not, you can use the vacuum cleaner’s rotating brushes to clean the dust off the interior surfaces.


How to prep kitchen cabinets? Now that you know what is required, it is time to get started on the project. Start by removing the doors from the cabinets, including any hardware. Clean the surfaces inside and out, using cleaning spray and non-abrasive cloths. If you find a spot that needs scrubbing, dab the area with a paper towel and start cleaning. When you are finished, you should be left with clean cabinets ready for you to store all your food in!