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A Fresh Start

The wellness trend is taking hold in all aspects of daily life, and also influencing how consumers choose products for their homes. Homeowners can now turn various products – from lighting to appliances to faucets – on and off with the wave of a hand, a touch on their phone or via their voice.

While many of these trends may be very new concepts, the idea of clean air in the home is not. Ventilation has long been the focus of proper design, with attention paid to clearing odors, smoke and steam for easier breathing. In the kitchen, the right kitchen hood – with the appropriate air-clearing capability – is critical to the room’s overall style and function.

Manufacturers have long supplied different options for kitchen ventilation, but today’s additional focus on wellness and air quality have pushed the envelope even further. Many companies have tweaked existing designs, or gone back to the drawing board to bring the latest technology to the masses.

Some of the major trends in kitchen ventilation include:

–Offering a wide range of size choices – from narrow, 24” styles for urban settings to oversized custom hoods for pro-style ranges – are the focus for many manufacturers.

–Black stainless and its many versions, as well as matte black, continue to offer a sophisticated and in-demand alternative to stainless steel.

–Downdraft ventilation, which sits alongside or behind a cooktop, is gaining in popularity, especially in condos and high rises, due to their ductless operation.

–Liners and low-profile designs have been upgraded, delivering powerful performance even when mounted in cabinets or custom designs.

–Color is everywhere, with blues, greens, reds and whites among the favorites, along with a seemingly endless rainbow of options.

–Among the leading technologies being introduced are hoods that communicate with cooktops to adjust automatically to what is being prepared, as well as voice-command and app-controllable features.

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