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How can I make my kitchen more luxurious on a budget?

Are you tired of looking at your kitchen in dismay? Are you hoping to improve the face value of your space? Do you just want to step into your room and say, Wow!?” Well look no further, Kitchen Solvers is here to aid you on your journey of adding value to your home. Here are simple additions and changes which will make your kitchen more luxurious on a budget. 

A Strong Sink

Your kitchen sink is always in battle, fighting against the daily wear and tear. Since a kitchen sink is either running water, holding dirty dishes, or fighting off bacteria, it’s worth the money to invest in a high-quality appliance. And if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, we recommend you install a stainless-steel sink. This great investment can double as a centerpiece and can help aid in functionality. When contemplating gauge sizes, our homeowners have found the greatest satisfaction with our 16-gauge steel option. 

Change Out Your Hardware

Sometimes the simplest of changes is what makes all the difference. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add value to your home, changing out your hardware is for you. A new set of more up-to-date hardware gives your kitchen a quick and mindless facelift. Start by just removing one handle to make sure you are able to do an easy switch without any staining from the existing hardware. You’ll want to purchase hardware that is the same size to cover the same drillholes. 

Replace or Add a Backsplash

Never underestimate the power of adding or replacing your backsplash. Not only does a backsplash act as a protective surface, but it gives a kitchen depth and dimension. Although a backsplash functions as a seal that protects the wall beneath from bacteria, it simultaneously brings character to your home. With a variety of patterns and color schemes, you’ll never be at a loss for choices. 

Reface Your Cabinets

Cabinet refacing allows you to have the look you’ve always dreamed of without the additional expenses and time commitment of a full kitchen renovation. Refacing is a quick and painless way to give a fresh new look to your cabinetry without a complete cabinet remodel. Here at Kitchen Solvers cabinet refacing is one of our specialties. We simply replace all the existing doors and drawer fronts with a door style, wood species, and finish of your choosing. We then apply a matching refacing material to all exposed end panels and face frames of your existing cabinets. If you’re looking to upgrade the aesthetic in your kitchen look no further, the cabinet refacing process is as painless as a kitchen update can get. 

Kitchen Solvers 

Now that you know how to make your kitchen more luxurious on a budget, it’s time to find the experts to do it. That’s where Kitchen Solvers can help. Contact us today to learn more! Regardless of what you’re project entails, Kitchen Solvers will take the time to show and educate you on all the appropriate options for your project to help you get the best value, style, and function that suits you.  

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