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SEN to Host Design Sales Educational Program

Chicago, IL – SEN Design Group invites kitchen and bath designers and sales professionals to the Good-Better-Best Sales School, scheduled for September 8-9 at theMART in Chicago, IL. The GBB Sales School, sponsored by Custom Wood Products, Inc, Bridgewood Cabinetry and Exclusive Cabinet Agents LLC, will be conducted by SEN Design Group’s Senior Vice President, Dan Luck, an industry expert with over 43 years of experience.

The two-day program will deliver advanced training in the successful sales strategies that will help designers and sales professionals increase their gross profit margins by up to 40%. Participants will become proficient in the science of consumer decision-making, effectively drive the sale conversion and understand why the Good-Better-Best (GBB) selling system is so effective, according to SEN Design Group.

“As a cabinet rep wanting our dealers to maximize their sales and profitability, we are thrilled to be a partner in bringing this first class, impactful sales training program to the kitchen and bath industry,” says Vince Hodshire, principal of Exclusive Cabinet Agents, LLC.

“The GBB selling system leverages the prospect’s emotional engagement with the remodeling project,” says Luck. “Consumers like choice, but not too many choices. GBB pricing tiers remove the ‘to buy or not to buy’ step from the decision-making process.” Instead, it guides prospects through a pricing structure that offers a sense of empowerment. When consumers are presented with three options to choose from, most of them will select the middle option, which represents increased revenues.

“We at SEN Design Group seek to help businesses convert more sales and earn higher revenues,” adds Luck. “The GBB sales process has been proven to significantly increase gross profit margins, and this two-day program will give designers the most effective tools to achieve speedy closings.”

The regular tuition fee is $1,695 for this intensive two-day sales training program. Dealers who are part of a sponsor’s network can save $500, using a promotional code to register for $1,195. SEN members who have the SEN U annual education subscription as part of their membership can attend for under $300.

For additional information about the program and about membership, visit https://sendesigngroup.com.

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